28 October 2012

Rants : Handphone Fanboy

Hope you guys a nice day with the new iPhone 5 that has been currently announced a few week ago and already been sold in the USA and the other country. To bad in Malaysia, we have to wait for a little bit longer to buy iPhone 5.

Recently, I have bought one of the best smartphone yet and it is Samsung Galaxy Nexus even though this phone has been announced for almost a year. 

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

In smartphone market, there are other phone which has more advance specification either hardware and software such as Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and many more but to me, this is the right phone for me because of it fast update of the software and with minimal bloat-ware in this phone. 

Isn't this awesome?!

Well some of you might said that : 

"Hey, this guy is a android fanboy, he will never choose the iPhone even the iPhone is better than android. What a looser! " - a guy with a lame type of voice 

Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3

To be frank, the smartphone selection is depend on the type of user itself because it is very subjective. Some of you might like the iPhone which the iOS offered you simplicity in their system but for now, I chose Android system.

Nokia 1280

People have their own reason to own a phone. Some people need a phone just to text and call. Some people used the phone for other reasons such as music player, camera, apps, work and many more. So don't judge people by the type of smartphone they use. And chose wisely. 

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