13 January 2016

Fake Information in Social Media!

Social media have become one of the medium to spread information. Many of our friends or pages have shared the information that they got from the internet. Even most of the social media made it easier for them to share the information with just one click and the information are spreading through the internet.

But are the information in the social media reliable? There are too many fake information spreading in this medium for many reasons. Some of them want to seek attention, some of them want to express their hatred with fake accusation, and some of them just want to help with sharing.

The effect of spreading fake information can lead to hatred not only towards an individual but also towards organisation, race and country. It also may cause danger if the fake information are related to health and human body.

People of the internet.

It is okay for all of you to share helpful and interesting information to you friends. But please! Please make sure that the information are true with do some research about the information. Ask the experts about the status of the information. And please don't be the judge of something that is not clear.

What you can do when you detect any fake information in social media?
1. Let the person who share the information know that the information that they share is not true and delete the status/post.
2. If the person did not respond to you or she still saying that the information is true, report the status/post. Most of the social media apps or website have this function in their system.

Hope you can now share any information wisely in social media after this. Thank You

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